A menu that’s displayed on computer or television screens are known as digital menu boards. It is one of the most optimal ways to inform customers of your menu, specials and promos. Digital menu boards are simple to update. There are software solutions out there that allow you to update menu boards in minutes.

To understand how to make a digital menu board, you should start with understanding the main components it includes. Let’s go through each of them one by one.

Digital Menu Board Software

The software solution you’ll be using is a content management system. This software will allow you to design multiple templates and upload it to your digital menu boards.

Almost all software solutions are now cloud-based. This feature allows users to access it from any computer. As a result, restaurant managers can effectively utilize the software at any time from any place to operate the menu boards.

Digital Menu Board Hardware

There’s only a handful of equipment that you can use restaurant digital menu board. The main piece of hardware that is in all digital menu boards is the advertising monitor. It allows your restaurant to display food photos and videos in order to attract customers. Other pieces of equipment used are accessories to help customers see the content better. Some examples include rotators for the television so it captures a wider angle.


Perhaps the most important aspect of the digital menu board. Without the content, both the software and hardware will be useless. The content that you’ll put in your digital menu board is the most important factor in determining if your digital menu campaign is successful.

A general tip is that your content should be simple and easy to understand. Customers don’t have all day and it only takes them seconds to a couple of minutes to decide what to order. Cycle between photos, videos, and text for your content so customers will always have something to look out for every time they visit.